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The Willow Tree team is a coalition of consultants with uniquely intensive Head Start expertise that defines them as an elite and unique group of subject matter experts. Willow Tree specialists are carefully vetted not only for their knowledge, but for their passion and compassion. Programs enjoy the time spent with Willow Tree and often develop lifelong relationships.


Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment, and Attendance (ERSEA) systems provide for effective access to the program for children and families.
  • Requirements and procedures for eligibility determination, recruitment, selection, enrollment, and attendance of children in Head Start programs
  • Policies concerning charging fees and determining community needs and recruitment areas
  • Head Start program directors and management should be well-versed in all aspects of ERSEA and how it shapes their specific program as they establish policies and procedures for recruitment and selection criteria
Willow Tree specialists can provide unparalleled expertise and relevant solutions as directors and management seek to adhere to performance standards and build efficient successful programs for children.
The Willow Tree Team of experts is committed to helping high performing, high quality grantees stay out of Re-Competition and stay in the business of serving children and families… One way we do that is to ensure that your CLASS scores are accurate and that whoever provides those scores is reliable, as identified in the June 1st Washington Post “By 1/100th of a point a Head Start program faces de-funding."

The Willow Tree Team has been working with the CLASS tool since it was first introduced to OHS as part of Monitoring and was part of the first model for ensuring inter-rater reliability. Since that time Willow Tree has worked with many grantee staff including senior leadership, CLASS Observers/Coders, classroom staff, Trainers, and Coaches to support them in their efforts to provide quality services to children.

Willow Tree has created a software tool that uses collected CLASS observations across the spectrum of Head Start services to help leadership make well informed, data-driven budget, planning, staffing and training decisions.

As the Willow Tree team has traveled the country working with grantees we continue to see issues with staff morale, staff turn-over, and challenges finding, hiring, and retaining qualified staff. We have continually seen the impact this has had on CLASS scores and the unhealthy cycle of consequences on children, staff and leadership.

We think it is time to bring fun and joy back to Head Start - one child, one classroom, one teacher, one program at a time.
Willow Tree's team of consultant specialists boasts decades of firsthand experience with Head Start programs, prepared to not only offer infallible support, but also encouraging personable interaction, and extensive knowledge.