Head Start CLASS Monitoring


Our professional team of Master Head Start and Early Head Start CLASS coders will guide you through the challenges of preparing for an Office of Head Start (OHS) CLASS Monitoring review. Our team are all former Head Start reviewers with experience helping programs understand the various vulnerabilities that are caused as CLASS shifts from Professional Development to Monitoring to Performance Evaluation. Ask us about our sought after workshop “A Holistic Look at CLASS; a Head Start Systems Level Lens”.

  • Coaching the Coaches
    • Helpful tips for delivering messages to Head Start teachers that encourage them to grow professionally
    • Ensuring that coaches understand CLASS through an Office of Head Start Monitoring Lens
  • Willow Tree Proprietary Analytics
    • We collect and analyze Head Start program data that helps you identify systemic areas of concern not just at the teacher level
    • We create CLASS training and Coaching plans that are effective, less expensive and drilled down to the question level of each dimension
  • Conducting Head Start Teacher Inter-Rater Reliability
    • We ensure reliable scoring so your planning is based upon real scores and you don’t end up with any surprises at your Office of Head Start Review time
  • Head Start classroom Observations and Coaching
    • We observe Head Start classrooms with or without a Head Start staff coach present and help teachers see their strengths and vulnerabilities and guide their professional development next steps
  • Testing for Head Start Monitoring Vulnerabilities
    • We ensure that you are ready for your Head Start CLASS Monitoring Review
    • We provide you with a report that analyzes your Designation Renewal System level of preparedness

Join us as we make a difference.