Head Start CLASS Monitoring


Head Start CLASS Monitoring and Designation Renewal System Program Readiness

Our professional team of Head Start CLASS coders will guide you through the challenges of preparing for an Office of Head Start (OHS) CLASS Monitoring review. Our team are all former Head Start reviewers with experience helping programs understand the various vulnerabilities that are caused as CLASS shifts from Professional Development to Monitoring to Performance Evaluation. Ask us about our sought after workshop “A Holistic Look at CLASS; a Head Start Systems Level Lens”.

What Willow Tree Team Offers…

  • Coaching the Coaches
    • Helpful tips for delivering messages to Head Start teachers that encourage them to grow professionally
    • Ensuring that coaches understand CLASS through an Office of Head Start Monitoring Lens
  • Willow Tree Proprietary Analytics
    • We collect and analyze Head Start program data that helps you identify systemic areas of concern not just at the teacher level
    • We create CLASS training and Coaching plans that are effective, less expensive and drilled down to the question level of each dimension
  • Conducting Head Start Teacher Inter-Rater Reliability
    • We ensure reliable scoring so your planning is based upon real scores and you don’t end up with any surprises at your Office of Head Start Review time
  • Head Start classroom Observations and Coaching
    • We observe Head Start classrooms with or without a Head Start staff coach present and help teachers see their strengths and vulnerabilities and guide their professional development next steps
  • Testing for Head Start Monitoring Vulnerabilities
    • We ensure that you are ready for your Head Start CLASS Monitoring Review
    • We provide you with a report that analyzes your Designation Renewal System level of preparedness

I passed! Thank you for your one on one feedback and advice on taking the test.  It really helped me with understanding my scoring.


I like the idea of the education specialists practicing co-coding with you.


Thank you so much for all of your help.  I truly appreciate the time you took to help me.


Why Willow Tree Team…

  • Proprietary analytics that identify systemic areas of CLASS concern, individualized for your program. Within one week of our on-site review, you will have the reports you need to target set your CLASS goals for the next year. Automatically compare your program to others, i.e. the state scores, or a local program.
  • Professional team of experienced Head Start CLASS coders.
  • CLASS monitoring preparedness; we can work with your current CLASS coders or potential coders to give them experience.
  • Assess CLASS program inter-rater reliability
  • Mentoring of program staff through the CLASS certification process
  • Individualized teacher CLASS feedback; at the end of the assessment, you will receive an email with the proprietary reports and instructions on how to use. One step CLASS goal setting.

Questions We Often Get Asked…

Question: My CLASS review is coming up quickly!  How can I be sure we will do well?  I don’t have the budget or the time to invest…I wish there was someone who could help me on short notice for a reasonable amount of money.

Answer: Willow Tree Early Education team can help.  We know how to move quickly and cost-effectively to assess, and if necessary improve, your CLASS scores with a surgical, target approach.  We respect your time and money.  Call today to get a quote.

Question: Why doesn’t someone make a CLASS assessment tool that is more user friendly?  I need the aility to type my notes in while coding, and to compare my program with others quickly.

Answer: Willow Tree Early Education Team has just the tool to meet your needs.  Our proprietary software enables us to type the notes in as we code, and it’s easy to compare your program to others and get immediate results.

Question: We need to improve our CLASS scores, but we don’t want to send everyone to the same training regardless of what they need.  Why can’t we target our training just to the staff and areas where we are weakest?

Answer: With a Willow Tree CLASS review, you will be able to see exactly where to focus your training to improve your scores.  No need to send everyone to training regardless of their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Question: We need to get a CLASS review, but we don’t have anyone on the staff that can manage the project.

Answer: Willow Tree understands how much work your staff already has on your plate.  You pick a date, and we do the rest.  At the end of the week you will receive the reports you need to move forward with training or goal setting.

Join us as we make a difference.