Overview | Mission

Humor, integrity and quantum thinking.

These three key elements define Willow Tree’s core and drive the team’s ability to be responsive, agile, perceptive & creative and fuels the team on our mission to support programs serving children and families. Willow Tree combines genius and laughter in equal measures to provide simple solutions to complex problems.

Willow Tree brings the passion back to struggling organizational cultures, creates or tweaks program systems and provides a sustainable set of tools that help programs identify and monitor key program metrics critical to maintaining high quality services to children, families and to each other.

Willow Tree believes that excellence is only a starting point, that simple is better and that joy and trust in the workplace culture are basic human rights.



Research & Create

Understanding the unique composition of your program is essential to building solutions that work for you. Willow Tree will look into the character of your organization, and will work with you to create solutions that are custom built for you.


Design & Iterate

Early Education is an iterative process. Children change, teachers change, curriculum changes, program guidelines and enforcement change. Most of our work is from repeat customers who trust Willow Tree to take them to the next level based on the services they’ve provided in the past, knowing that what came before is only the beginning of the journey.


Consult & Support

We are here to come alongside you in whatever challenges you face, or to support whatever aspirations you have. Rather than offering canned solutions, we will provide as much or as little support as you need, from coaching and advising to co-developing and temporary staffing.


High Impact Capacity Building

Our clients state that their staff is more skilled and their organization is more collaborative as a result of our work together

Knowledge and Experience

Content Expert Team is comprised of former Federal and Non-Federal Team Leaders and seasoned reviewers

Cultural Competence

Our diverse team understands programs of every size, complexity and ethnicity in urban, rural and Tribal communities

Rapid and Agile Response

We customize and implement a plan specifically for you

Customer Centric

Our clients hate to see us leave and remain life-long colleagues

Staff Centric

We work hard and play hard and our commitment to each other is reflected in our commitment to you

Join us as we make a difference.