On the third Monday of February every year, American’s celebrate National President’s Day to pay tribute to past presidents. The most honored presidents are George Washington the first president to lead a country newly freed from the rule of King George of England and Abraham Lincoln who reunited a nation torn apart over the issue of slavery and Nationalism by ending slavery.

President’s Day can be used for a simple history lesson on the two presidents and their importance to the country in a context that children can understand, including the fact that both men’s birthday were close to February 17th. Enhancing the lesson with pictures of things like stamps, coins, and monuments in Washington D.C. and on Mount Rushmore on the computer illustrates how learning and technology go hand in hand.

Five Dollar BillFor children who may lean towards being more of a visual and verbal learner or children along with those children are guided more by touch and learning by doing the lesson could work for everyone. If classroom staff or a volunteer have a or a five- or one-dollar bill, a penny, or a quarter to show students, and let them touch it or hold it for a moment the entire experience would work for everyone and have students going home to tell their family all about it.

https://nationalparkswitht.com/2019/02/11/lincoln-national-memorial/ Various pictures of both the Lincoln and Washington monuments on the National Mall.

Here are some unique Lincoln monuments including his home, an airport name after him with the word Lincoln printed on a plane, etc. https://www.deseretnews.com/top/3178/0/32-Abraham-Lincoln-memorials-in-America-and-around-the-world.html