Happy National Soup Day! Children of all ages love learning by doing. Chicken soup is an inexpensive choice for lunch, especially where winters are long and frigid, and it is something kids can help prepare.

Ingredients: cubed potatoes found in the frozen food section (optional), 3 cans or a large container of low fat-low sodium chicken broth, 2-3 large cans of chicken, 1-2 cans of corn, a couple of cups of water, and pre-measured powdered chicken seasoning/bullion in a small cup.

How ingredients are added to a large pot is determined by the number of children participating. For smaller groups, individual children may be able to add one complete ingredient, whereas in a larger group the individual ingredients may have to divided in half. Any extra children could take turns stirring the soup before setting the table(s) and putting crackers in one or more large bowls for passing around.

When that soup has cooled enough and the cooks sit down to eat their kid-made chicken soup, it will be the best ever because fun and pride went into that pot along with all the other ingredients.